the great equalizer

The Great Career Equalizer: Productivity

Even if you’re not the most skilled or talented person in the office, personal productivity can be a great career equalizer.

Let me explain…


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Talent isn’t Enough

In more than a decade as a productivity consultant, teacher, and coach, I’ve seen a lot.

I’ve seen well-intentioned people sabotage their careers without even knowing it.

I’ve seen truly gifted people squander their potential because they allow themselves to get sucked into a pattern of underproductive behavior.

And I’ve seen “average” and “ordinary” people rise to the top of their fields by taking their productivity seriously.

The reality is that, no matter how much skill or talent one has, it won’t be enough to succeed as a professional in the 21st century.

In fact, talent isn’t even the most important thing you need to succeed.


The Career Equalizer

Personal productivity is the great career equalizer.

All the skill in the world won’t stand a chance against someone who has mastered personal productivity.

You see, personal productivity levels the playing field. It allows anyone, regardless of skillset, status, or opportunity, to find success.

It’s the biggest game-changing investment you could possibly make.

It doesn’t matter how much skill you have, what opportunities are given to you, or how influential your friends are.




The Best Career Investment

Gaining the skills you need to perform in your job is important. 

But investing in becoming a master of productivity will still be the best career investment you can make. 

When you master productivity—and I mean truly master it—you make most of the other skills irrelevant.


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The Investment

But, here’s the problem: because it’s so incredibly valuable, mastering productivity usually costs a ton—either in money or time.

You see, the free tips on the internet and the concepts in books are helpful, but they aren’t enough.

They just scratch the surface.

I have found that it is almost always the case that the people who actually master productivity work closely with coaches and consultants. This means that they go way deeper than the average person can just by reading books or listening to seminars.

And, as a result, they soar much higher in their careers.

So, if you want to take advantage of the great career equalizer in your own life, it’s gonna take some investment on your part.

Are you ready?