stay productive when life throws you curve balls

How to Stay Productive When Life Throws You Curve Balls

Believe it or not, it is possible to stay productive when life throws you curve balls (and it will).

I cannot tell you how many people I’ve met that blame their lack of productivity on all the curve balls life has apparently thrown at them.

Car accidents, layoffs, funerals.

There’s always something unexpected waiting for you around the bend. That you can be sure of.

And each one of these curve balls offers the perfect excuse.

I mean, of course you couldn’t get done what you planned to do today. After all, you did have to deal with that unexpected thing, right?


Life throws everyone curve balls. And it throws them quite regularly.


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Stay Productive: Hit the Ball Out of the Park

One of the major differences between those who manage to become super productive and those who remain just average is that the super productive people get stuff done even when the unexpected comes up.

I’ve seen it over and over again. People who use the unexpected to excuse their poor productivity fall behind fast.

But those who find a way to continue in the face of uncertainty and set-backs are the ones who ultimately succeed.

Now, I want you to stop for a minute and ask yourself: Have you been using a curve ball as an excuse in your own life?

Be honest.

If you have, you’re heading down a dangerous road—a road that leads straight to underachievement.

Trust me. I’ve seen it over and over again.

If you want to be more productive, it’s essential that you’re able to deal with the unexpected challenges that come up.

It’s essential to find a grounded approach to productivity that will allow you to continue to make progress even when things are falling apart all around you.

If you find that you can’t deal with the curve balls, the best solution is always to become a better hitter.




The Solution to Stay Productive 

In my experience, the most effective (and, quite possibly only) way to do this is to ensure that your productivity is aligned with your deepest values.

The stronger the link between your productivity and your values, the easier it’ll be to hit life’s curve balls out of the park.

So, if you want to stay productive even when life throws you the gnarliest curve balls, do yourself a favor: Take some time and get clear about what your deepest values are.

Do you value your family, your career, your freedom, your security, or something else entirely.

And then ask yourself if the way you spend your time is well aligned with these values.

If not, you can bet that even a wobbly pitch is going to strike you out.