productivity winners vs losers

Productivity Winners vs. Losers

If you feel like a loser when it comes to getting stuff done, take heart: you can start doing one simple thing today to transform yourself into a productivity winner.


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The Secret of Productivity Winners

Woody Allen is quoted as once saying that “90% of success is just showing up.”

And there’s a lot of truth to this.

It’s not that showing up is anything spectacular—at least it shouldn’t be.

But a lot of times it is.

In fact, showing up is often the single most important factor that separates productivity winners from losers.


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Behavior of Productivity Losers

A few years ago I was brought in to a manufacturing company to do some productivity consulting. I was told that the managers were concerned that productivity targets were continually being missed.

After my second morning in the plant, I knew exactly what the problem was: People simply weren’t showing up.

This was happening in three ways:

1) A high percentage of employees were absent every day;

2) Many employees showed up late for work;

3) A considerable number of employees didn’t do much work when they got there.

These are all examples of “not showing up,” whether physically or mentally.




The Bar is Low to Become a Productivity Winner

I wish I could say that my experience in that plant was unusual.

But it isn’t.

I’ve found very similar trends in office settings all around the world as well.

In these environments, the people who actually show up on time and are prepared are automatically the cream of the crop.

They don’t have to be special or even work hard.

They simply need to show up.

So, if you want to be a winner and have success, your first step could be as simple as just showing up regularly.

Simply be where you need to be on time and be prepared to actually get something done.

Now, this is, of course, only the bare minimum when it comes to productivity.

Once you start showing up every day, there are some really cool things you can start doing that will multiply your productivity many times over.

But none of those things will make any difference if you’re not showing up first.

So, make a commitment to start showing up and you just might find that you become a productivity winner.