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Getting Nothing Done? Maybe Your System is Broken

If you have days where you feel like you’re getting nothing done, it could be a sign that your productivity system is broken.


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The Effect of One Broken Part 

A few years ago now, the main water line down the block from our house somehow got damaged.

It needed to be fixed.

So, the crew came out and started working on it.

I don’t know exactly what the problem was, but it took them nearly three days to get it fixed.

During that time every house on our side of the street had no water. That meant no showers could be had, no laundry could be done, no pasta could be made.

I was hauling buckets of drinking water from our neighbors across the street.

One little problem in the system and the whole thing stopped working.




The Pieces of a Productivity System

Well, that’s a lot like productivity.

There are a whole bunch of things that go into being productive—from time management principles task management tools—and if even just one of them is broken, your whole system can come crashing down.


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Why You’re Getting Nothing Done

One of the things that I commonly find broken in people’s productivity systems has to do with values.

Many people (maybe you) focus on getting more done and using their time more efficiently without first stopping to make sure the tasks they’re focused on actually align with their values.

A lot of people don’t even know what their core values are.

And that’s a problem that will impact every other aspect of your productivity.

So, if you sometimes go through periods where you feel like you’re getting nothing done, the key might just be figuring out what your highest values are.