Colors used to get better at journaling

How to Get Better at Journaling

So you’ve started a journal and you’re ready to take it to the next level. Maybe you’ve heard people talk about how journaling is the key to success or peace of mind and you want that, too. Bottom line, if you’re not seeing drastic improvements in your life because of your journal, you need to […]

Peace that comes with knowing what to write in your journal

What Should You Write in Your Journal?

You’ve heard that keeping a journal has a whole pile of benefits, and you’ve decided to give it a try. But, when you sit down to write and that blank page is staring back at you, you are suddenly faced with a paralyzing question: What should you write in your journal? If your mind feels […]

Imagination journal combats anxiety

How to Journal for Anxiety: An Approach that Works

Everyone has anxiety about something. Work, relationships, kids, money—you name it, and somebody has anxiety about it. And, because studies have shown that writing is one of the best things you can do to reduce anxiety, it makes sense that a lot of people want to keep a journal for anxiety. But how does it […]

Cope with overwhelm

What to Do when You’re Feeling Overwhelmed: Make a List

Everyone gets overwhelmed sometimes. And it’s not much fun. It makes you feel helpless and unable to control your own brain. But what should you when you’re feeling overwhelmed? Physically writing out lists in those moments is one of the best ways to re-center yourself and take back control of your brain. The reason lists […]

Woman in washing machine because she has a fear of failure

How to Overcome a Fear of Failure: Start a Journal

Having a fear of failure can be crippling. It will hold you back from reaching your potential in every area of life: Where you could have success and peace of mind, you will have anxiety. That is why, if you do have a fear of failure (and you might not even know that you do), […]

Man kicking butt of success

How to Begin Journaling for Success

We’ve all heard the stories before. Whether it’s Oprah, Mark Twain, Charles Darwin, or Emma Watson, we know how important journaling is for other people’s success.  But how, exactly, journaling helps people find success remains something of a mystery. In this article, I will show you the difference between journaling and journaling for success.  Related: […]