Don't have enough time is a lie

You “Don’t Have Enough Time”? That’s a Lie

When was the last time you found yourself saying that you don’t have enough time? It probably wasn’t that long ago.  In fact, running out of time is the number one excuse professionals use to get out of pretty well anything. Your mom wants to meet for lunch? You wish you could, but you just […]

productive and tired

How to Be Productive when You’re Tired

Being productive when you’re tired can be next to impossible. That’s because, when you’re tired, all the brain functions that you rely on for productivity begin to shut down (more or less).  You can think about it like this: When you’re tired you don’t have enough energy to run every function of your brain. And […]

time management bat

A Vampire’s Time Management Lesson

Vampires are real. I know from personal experience. If you don’t believe me, let me tell you about the time I met a vampire and the time management lesson I learned as a result. In the end, you’ll probably realize that you know your fair share of vampires as well. Related Article: The Time Management […]

time management

The Time Management Secret

Most people think of time management as a way to make the most of their most precious resource—time. And time management is certainly about doing that. But what is often overlooked in discussions about time management is the fact that managing your time well will have a pretty remarkable spillover effect to the rest of […]


The Secret to Stop Being Distracted

Today, we are more distracted than ever. We “dings” and “pings” constantly going off. We have more entertainment tailored to our specific tastes at our fingertips than conceivable even five short years ago. And, on the whole, we have more demands on our time than previous generations.  We are conditioning ourselves to be distracted. And […]