computer doesn't work

When Productivity Doesn’t Work

There’s a dark side to productivity, and nobody’s talking about it. But we’ve all experienced it—when productivity doesn’t work. Most of the time we don’t want to acknowledge that it exists, and we think there’s something wrong with us when we feel it.  But this dark side is most certainly real, and you will experience […]

monkey lacking motivation

The Counterintuitive Cure when You Lack Motivation

We all lack motivation sometimes. We all have days, or even weeks, when we don’t feel like doing anything.  But the problem is that things still need to be done. So, most of us do the obvious: We try and muster up motivation by giving ourselves a pep-talk or white-knuckling our way through the day. But […]

overwhelmed and stressed

How to Stop Being Overwhelmed by Everything You Have to Do

Are you overwhelmed by everything you have to do each week? Does the stress of your endless to-do list make you feel like staying in bed and pretending you’re unemployed? A lot of us have just accepted that this is the way things are.  But it isn’t. There is a solution that can turn your […]

lack of motivation

The 5 Second Rule for More Motivation

When you don’t have motivation, you won’t make the progress toward your goals you want to make, and your productivity will tank. But, there’s a very simple 5 Second Rule that you can use to give yourself more motivation practically on command.   The 5 Second Rule In the middle of dinner, my 5-year-old suddenly […]