Productivity is War

Productivity is a war. And it’s important to know that. Otherwise, one day you’ll find yourself standing face-to-face with the enemy totally unprepared.  And you definitely don’t want that. But it’s also important to know that, when you try to become more productive, you’re engaging in a particular kind of war. And that’s what this […]

most important part of productivity - afghan hound

The Most Important Part of Productivity

Believe it or not there is a most important part of productivity.  And it has nothing to do with a productivity “system” or time management. No, the most important part of productivity is and always will be one thing: you. I know this might sound obvious, but I’m constantly amazed by how many people seem […]

motivation is tough

Why Motivation is Tricky Business

Motivation has a tendency of slipping away pretty quickly, if you let it.  As I write this, it is nearly 3 weeks into January 2022. And the signs of waning motivation are everywhere.   Related Article: How to Get 10X Better at Concentrating   I’m a Weirdo I’m one of those weirdos who likes winter. […]

productive and tired

How to Be Productive when You’re Tired

Being productive when you’re tired can be next to impossible. That’s because, when you’re tired, all the brain functions that you rely on for productivity begin to shut down (more or less).  You can think about it like this: When you’re tired you don’t have enough energy to run every function of your brain. And […]

the great equalizer

The Great Career Equalizer: Productivity

Even if you’re not the most skilled or talented person in the office, personal productivity can be a great career equalizer. Let me explain…   Related Article: Personal Productivity: Don’t Burn Down the Banana Stand   Talent isn’t Enough In more than a decade as a productivity consultant, teacher, and coach, I’ve seen a lot. […]

productivity winners vs losers

Productivity Winners vs. Losers

If you feel like a loser when it comes to getting stuff done, take heart: you can start doing one simple thing today to transform yourself into a productivity winner.   Related Article: Are You an Almond or a Peanut? Two Ways to Become More Productive   The Secret of Productivity Winners Woody Allen is […]

checkers is like a productivity game

Are You Playing the Right Productivity Game?

Your productivity can be determined by which productivity game you’re playing. And, whether you know it or not, you’re playing a productivity game. The question you will need to answer at some point, if you want to become more productive, is this: Are you playing the productivity game that’s right for you?   Related Article: The […]

Personal productivity and the banana stand

Personal Productivity: Don’t Burn Down the Banana Stand

Personal productivity is the most important professional skill for the 21st century.  As we continue to rely more and more on knowledge work, your ability to produce results quickly, effectively, and independently has never been more valuable.  And it’s only increasing. So, personal productivity has never been as important as it is today, and will […]

taking step to more productive life - stick man

The First Step to a More Productive Life

If given the chance, pretty well everyone would choose to live a more productive life.  The problem is that it’s a lot easier said than done. In fact, taking even the first step can be a big challenge. If you sometimes struggle with knowing where to start on a big project or goal, I want […]