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When Productivity Doesn’t Work

There’s a dark side to productivity, and nobody’s talking about it. But we’ve all experienced it—when productivity doesn’t work. Most of the time we don’t want to acknowledge that it exists, and we think there’s something wrong with us when we feel it.  But this dark side is most certainly real, and you will experience […]

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Do You Know Your Productive Personality?

Productivity is not one-size-fits-all. We each have unique talents, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. In other words, we each have a unique productive personality. You have one that’s unique to you, and I have one that’s unique to me. This means that some of the strategies and tactics that work for someone else might not work […]

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How to Get 10X Better at Concentrating

Whether we like it or not, true productivity belongs to those who can concentrate. So, if you care about maximizing your productivity, you should care about getting better at concentrating.   A Concentration Lesson From a Text Message “It was crazy. She didn’t even mind all the blood.” That was a text I received from […]

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Are You Making the Biggest Productivity Mistake?

No matter what productivity tricks and hacks you use in your day-to-day, there is one productivity mistake that will completely destroy your progress. And, unfortunately, it’s quite common. In this article, I’ll reveal what this mistake is and how you can make sure you never make it. Related article: How to Make a Personal Development […]

Productivity is Like a Slide Puzzle

It can be easy to think that productivity is all about taking action—getting more stuff done in less time. And, while that’s certainly part of the equation, it isn’t the whole thing. Very often, being productive has more to do with strategy than action. And that’s why productivity is like a slide puzzle. Productivity Requires Action Now, […]


The Reason Why Your Productivity Stinks

Knowing that you’re productivity stinks is very frustrating. And there are probably a thousand different factors at play. But there’s one factor that’s more important than any of the others: control. When you maintain an internal locus of control, you are much more likely to be productive.  But when you give up that control to […]

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How to Become More Productive

You know that becoming more productive will have a dramatic—and possibly even transformative—impact on your career and life. But the question is how? How can you become more productive? In this article, I will talk about the two and only two key elements you need to focus on to significantly boost your productivity. SIGN UP FOR YOUR […]

The “One Weird Productivity Trick” Solution

One of the most effective headlines in the world is the “one weird productivity trick” headline.  You know the headlines I’m talking about. You’ve probably seen them hundreds of times. The reason these headlines are so effective is because, there’s a little part inside each one of us that wants to believe that the only […]

5 Core Pieces of a Productive Strategy

If you want to become more productive, you can’t rely solely on “tricks,” “tips,” and “hacks.” They’ll only get you so far, and they’ll only work for so long. Instead, you need a productive strategy. Just like how going into battle without a strategy is a sure way to lose, so also approaching each day, […]

7 Signs that You’re Thinking Too Shallowly

One of the main things I continually harp on and on about is that true productivity requires you to go beyond shallow thinking—beyond thinking about the tricks and tactics that have worked for others. Instead, you need to learn to think about productivity in a much deeper way, if you want to succeed in the […]