Sherlock Holmes’ Productivity Secret

There’s a productivity secret hiding in plain sight that you must know about, if you want to achieve serious levels of productivity in your life. It’s not a secret “formula” or a “weird trick.”  And it’s not a secret “system” or “mindset.” No. The productivity secret hiding in plain sight is simpler than that. It’s a […]

productivity apps

The Best Productivity App Ever Created?

Every new productivity app can seem like a magic pill that promises to solve all your productivity woes. These apps promise to organize, remind, sync, and consolidate your life in ways we could only dream of a few short years ago. But they’re not always everything they’re cracked up to be.   Let me explain. Related […]

stay productive when life throws you curve balls

How to Stay Productive When Life Throws You Curve Balls

Believe it or not, it is possible to stay productive when life throws you curve balls (and it will). I cannot tell you how many people I’ve met that blame their lack of productivity on all the curve balls life has apparently thrown at them. Car accidents, layoffs, funerals. There’s always something unexpected waiting for you […]

getting nothing done - broken glasses

Getting Nothing Done? Maybe Your System is Broken

If you have days where you feel like you’re getting nothing done, it could be a sign that your productivity system is broken.   Related Article: The Productivity Equation   The Effect of One Broken Part  A few years ago now, the main water line down the block from our house somehow got damaged. It […]

give up on productivity

Should You Give Up on Productivity?

With all the productivity “tips,” “rules,” and “systems” out there, becoming more productive can be overwhelming and exhausting. Yet, nobody seems to be asking the question we should be asking: Should you just give up on productivity altogether? Related Article: Are You in a Bad Marriage with Your Productivity System? A Scenario Imagine this scenario: You’re […]

most important part of productivity - afghan hound

The Most Important Part of Productivity

Believe it or not there is a most important part of productivity.  And it has nothing to do with a productivity “system” or time management. No, the most important part of productivity is and always will be one thing: you. I know this might sound obvious, but I’m constantly amazed by how many people seem […]

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The Dirty Little Productivity Secret

When it comes to getting more done in less time, it’s natural for us to focus on what we’re doing. But here’s the dirty little productivity secret: what you do will never be enough.   Related Article: Productivity Winners vs. Losers   The Productivity Plateau I remember getting a call from an exasperated. She was tired, worn […]

checkers is like a productivity game

Are You Playing the Right Productivity Game?

Your productivity can be determined by which productivity game you’re playing. And, whether you know it or not, you’re playing a productivity game. The question you will need to answer at some point, if you want to become more productive, is this: Are you playing the productivity game that’s right for you?   Related Article: The […]

married to your productivity system

Are You in a Bad Marriage with Your Productivity System?

Everyone is in a marriage with their productivity system.  This is true whether you realize it or not.  Everyone has made a commitment to do certain things in a certain way at a certain time.  And that system—whatever it is—has committed to give you certain results (spoiler: these results are very often not the results we […]